Why this year`s celebration is so significant

I`ve spent several 25th December as an adult not being enthusiastic and excited about the Christmas Celebrations, this year came with new feelings of hope, joy and an immense sensation of the fulfilment of being blessed…

I was in bed and unwell in Mid-December, only became stronger and healthier two days before 25th, lying in bed gave me perspective to why CHRISTMAS is more than just the Birth of Christ, it is a beginning to greater manifestations of God`s glory…

This goes beyond THE SANTA FEELING, it is a magical moment, a time spent realizing God`s faithfulness hasn`t failed for a single moment since the year began…

My Christmas Miracle is HEALING, Sound mind, Financial stability, Blog Consistency, Loving Friends/ and Family, wonderful relationships, amazing experiences, peace, comfort and life

This day has presented itself to be more than a childhood fantasy, it is a beautiful thing to hear the sounds of Christmas lights, jubilations, to receive warm wishes, see smiling faces and filled mouths despite the trails of Death, Tears and Misfortunes of COVID-19 2020.

While you`re here… Remember The Birth of Christ and its significance to redemption, peace and growth

Know that you too can birth and recreate.

Remember His Birth is Your Victory, Your redemption and Break through


Love You