Friend calls, she talks about an upcoming event, a friend is to be married soon…

“When is yours bae?”… She asked

“Hmmm… No idea”

“Na wa for you o! When will you leave this single life?”

“When you are ready too”

“You had better hurry, time waits for no one, I’ll leave you behind o!” … she emphasizes, laughing hysterically

This used to be how it is; kids playing round table, throwing tantrums and enjoying beautiful friendships.  Then you realize, the guy on the other end is growing fast… he gives you the look, you smile heartily, blushed pink and rolled with the thoughts “love is beautiful”… 

you’ll come to know the tightening in your stomach are called butterflies, a good feeling… your friends will tease and taunt and will congratulate you all the same… your mamma will go looking for roaches in the cupboard, you do the strange stuffs like smiling and recounting conversations from your sleep and she needs to know whose effect.

Years will come and move on… subsequently the music around you will change, “love is defined in several terms and stages”, and you’re to feel a certain way now but not the same tomorrow? These people are drunk with ideas that don’t quite fit. 

You look around the table and find some sits empty, last year that friend of yours dragged hers to the adult table, visits and tells stories of how amazing things are over there… 

“This is my baby, you see”

“Hubby is coming to pick me up soon”… she says and gives you the look

“You sef, do you see your mates hanging around this table?”… She asked nursing her cutie

You doubt you are alone, so you ignored her question and entered into a more interesting topic…. Underneath, you’re counting the years, the hour glass on your table seem to be running slow, you’ re not old “age is just a number”… the words came out on its on

That’s not true at all…. You better get up before your time runs out

 “Yea”… you replied and opened your ears for the usual

“See, keep your eyes open… when you see him, hold him by the collar and drag him to the couples table… some need a nudge or two”.

“Right” … You laughed

You’ve missed her greatly but more importantly… you’re taking in these single moments and living it like you know how to.

This table is fun; you’ve seen tensions over there and would rather live now, what you can’t get when you cross the bridge.

“I’ll see you soon in my own time”… you cussed and tickled her little one. You surely want to have your child smile and say “mama” as his first word but “Not Yet”.