When you see a Nigerian

Remember, he / she is a thriving human

One who has been made to carry on with the curse of a divided Cause

And like you

Their will to win is a zeal to Live

When you see a Nigerian… Look beyond the Label

We are not the Names We`ve been called so many at times

We are not all Drug Dealers, Fraudsters, Robbers as the bad few has presented

To know A Nigerian?

Is to look towards

A youth running with very little amenities, a truck load of productivity

The ones Who Suffer and Smile like the world is a comic flow

Strong willed, smart and graced breeds

Birthed from the linage of Slaves drowned in strength….

To know a Nigerian is To know a Generation of Thinking Minds


When the time is right, you too will conquer

Marriet Ify

Nigeria is brewing in recent times… for the first time in a long time, we are in the news for the right reasons. This gives me Hope, the believe that whatever happens, we will come out stronger.

Two remarkable events to reckon with includes;

  1. the END SARS/POLICE BRUTALITY Movement organized by youths across the country. No! this isn`t the first movement pushing for a better governance… What did this do?, it broke the culture of silence amongst her people

We are no longer praying in the privacy of our rooms

We are no longer in sync with the silence of our Parents

We Made it to a time of reckoning, a time when our VOICE MATTERS

2. The $200 million Sale of Paystack company founded by two Nigerians, Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi. A light in the midst of Chaos

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