10 lessons in 2020

  1. To Live Courageously and in the moment, away from regrets and the fear of the unknown. I just stopped wondering and lived, the clarity of purpose 2020 brought can not be underestimated.
  2. TO STEP AWAY; “yes, I walked away from everything I thought was meant to be” walking away from every situation-ships I had going on gave me the realization that the quality of people around is better than the number.
  3. SELF CARE ; 2020 opened my eyes to the benefits of selflove and care, it is actually the best gift, having to look out, support and effortlessly love myself beyond anything else is important… Selfcare is selflessness in its self as well
  4. PATIENCE; this one isn’t new to me, but it came with a better dimension in 2020, I now know the real meaning of patience and have created a balance around it. Patience isn’t Procrastination or an excuse, it is Believe in itself for what you know will eventually come to pass.
  5. TO SPEAK UP; Being an introvert keeps you in a corner most times, not knowing when to step out and speak up, is a weakness in itself. In 2020 I did more, by speaking my truth without restraint … Standing your grounds finds you in places you actually deserve. Speaking up, opened me up to a lot of opportunities and friendships. my work relationships definitely got better in 2020
  6. TO RETURN CALLS ; This may seem unimportant but goes a long way for me …. I learnt calling callers back as soon as I can, to improve my personality trait and support system … it has made me a better communicator as well.
  7. VALUE; Before now, I will make a list of VIPs without being inclusive, I never felt important for whatever reason, 2020 taught me value… being Valuable goes beyond the opinions of naysays… You contribute as well as every other person to the cycle of life.. you are valuable, your skills are important, you know more than you give yourself credit for… you are a VIP.
  8. TO LEARN STRATEGICALLY; it is true that no learning is a waste but I have come to understand that strategic learning pushes you farther than your peers, it gives you expertise sooner than someone who is scraping the surfaces of everything… in 2020 I defined my learning curve and stock to it.
  9. HUMILITY; As part of my experience meeting with highflyers, was to master the very act of humility to be able to learn the ropes properly … waking up to knowing that humility is a more easier way to win at life than arrogance is a blessing
  10. TO LOVE AND BE LOVED; Love shouldn’t be a one way street, in 2020 I have come to understand the concept of LOVE as a give and take of emotions and sacrifices… Love for me is important and if it isn’t sincere, honest and returned then it isn’t worth it. I want to write more on the concept of love but I guess this will be a topic on its own.
2020 life lessons
life lessons

I hope to learn a lot before the year runs out, expect more lessons from my 2020 desk.

Thank you