I learnt how to be strong in a world like ours, how to ignore and never be disappointed. I’ve been told things, done things and so I became.

I realize I’ve been scared for far too long, too scared to show, to speak, to express thoughts in words… in fear I had accepted the world knew what was better for me than I did myself, I gave too much credit to its standard, lost my voice to its noise and identity to the crowd.

These few months of Silence, the periods of self criticism, doubt of my own art, Body and soul HAS BEEN THE MOST TORTUROUS.

Hi there, the world isn’t perfect, you shouldn’t be drowned in the seas of your imperfections, you can only try to be as much as God wants from you, as much as you want to be for yourself.

Remember the parts of you, no one talks about.
Remember the parts of you, no one talks about

Be a better human, Go beyond the limits you’ve made for your self, You are Great, kind and an achiever… Knowing this gives you fulfillment, it creates the drive to do better for yourself.

You can be all.