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”The thing about first times”

First times are scary, crazy and unbelievably intense…. it is trial in error, testing the waters, the very idea of moving away from your comfort zone, away from what your body knows and have lived with.

Haven written posts over the years, Contents carefully drafted for when my blog is upgraded and officially launched, I decided to make hay while the sun shines, to get into my prom dress, wear some makeup and post regardless of what the day presents itself….

Have I waited for too long? … yes

Is this a right time? No, there is no right time… there is just here and now

The truth is… I think more of the danger of not getting into my prom party than wearing a made up dress, to look back to this day and have regrets of not enjoying the ride as a writer… what greater mistake than the regret of not living fully. My general experiences as an individual has improved, I very much want to tell you about what this blog will be bringing to your table but I will rather write, tell my story, teach, design and inspire…..

This blog will embody my journey as its own, bring to life my dreams and aspirations, calm my fears, give courage to my pen, sound to my voice and light for when darkness sprout on my path

Here is…

To first times, to taking the much needed steps, to writing, publishing, blogging and inspiring

Stick with me, Let this beginning lead us to other beautiful beginnings.

My name is Marriet Ify and i’m glad to have you here