If Death was a living being, Would you Cling to his arms and befriend him Or would you take on your armor ready for a fist to strike

Would you invite him to a feast to make merry OR would you get ready jars of oil to burn his very essence, a little payback for having you hurt a little more everyday.

''Dying doesn`t hurt''... they say, yet it takes everything to accept the blind spots made when darkness encroaches. it takes even life itself to understand the emptiness most times.

If Death was a person, will he bear the names of everyone he took away. How about the Scars, surely he will bear some too…If this call is a break from life then we shouldn’t have broken, depressed and Hurt people trying to make sense of situations where a love one disappears forever.

Now tell me, Why is Death so final? … The truth is Dying Hurts… Death is pain and this pain is undeserving.

In memory of Alice, Lillian, Emmanuel, Pa Mmaduichie, Mr. Nwabueze, Chadwick Boseman and all who answered the call to the world beyond.