Father’s day

A peep from my phone and I could see notifications of happy moments

If it were all rosy
If life didn’t kick so hard
If the punches wasn’t from your hands
If the ties wasn’t broken
If the stench wasn’t of soared liquor
Maybe we could all be smiling
With a drenched ego and a forgiven heart

The past seem forgotten
Yet its not
How can one erased a scar penned marks of a broken home, strained thoughts of “I wish mine is better”

Thank you for being a human and a father
Your sacrifices are wriggled in all of your mistakes
It is for this your love can be felt in all of the pain your memories bring sometimes
Thank you for owning up when your head drives you otherwise
The struggles?
I recognize them too
Maybe if you tried harder
Maybe if you love God better
The addictions to futile fun and drunkenness with women would not have been.
So here it is
To our most memorable moments
Your share of love and sacrifices
To your support and advice
To becoming a better father
To recognizing God at this time
To all this
I say thank you

I love you still