When the world strips you
It accuses you of going bare
It mocks your scars and birthmarks
And like nature
It brings to light your fears
Pushes you
Till you become a tsunami to your treasured possessions

When the world strips you
It goes for your weaknesses
Creates a doubt around your neck
It waves off your links to a rich heritage
Pieces of Gold termed Stone
Drives you till you drown in a surreal body

“This is what the world does to you If you let it”

It curses and cuts your sight to envision
Takes away your rights and privileges
Shows you a part set for your doom
But you See
If you are blind to the ways of the world
You’ll be opened to the ways of a god
A god of your own mindset
Knowing that you can become better than your situations
Bigger than your environs
And richer like nature and its trees
This is God’s will for You.

God’s will for Nigeria