“To the ones I left behind”

Two years ago, an accident occurred … it was about this and about that, a thing meant to end but then it turned Out like life circles and everyday at dawn it came to me, crept into my bed and made its nest there.

It began with insomnia, having nightmares whilst my eyes were ajar… I could see it was eating me up, deep down there something was going off. I resulted to drugs but it would not go away,  the doctor’s said drugs would do the trick, the cure laid in tested and proven chemicals.

“Why didn’t it leave?”

“And more importantly why did it choose me?”

It infested my mind’s core and turned me into its victim

I heard voices in my head and this made me mad, I couldn’t make meaning of life and couldn’t take it anymore.


Dear one


I got secluded when you said you had better things to do than attend to my plight

At work things were not okay, I would see a happy face and wish the smile was mine, and those times I feigned one to keep a conversation going it hurt a lot more.

In the market place, life was unpleasant,  women looked at me in disgust and it made me question why I wore expensive jewelries.

This thing has blinded me to the good things… all I see now, is blood and beauty, maybe my wrist will work perfectly well

Or the bridge, I savor its peaceful moments every time I take its route home from work

I am the woman cursed with the weight of duties

The child rejected for his failures

The boy warned not to cry

The man “the neglected one”, easily surpassed and unloved

The Girl told not to speak… for if I speak of the dreadful things I see, I will be labeled “bitter”


Forgive me… For all the pain you now feel

And this could be what he was thinking before it all happened