“The Event”

Just yesterday, a man thought himself a bird and flew right over Lagos bridge, on his way down he thought he’ll become a fish and swim through the waves of depression or whatever force that pushed him down and didn’t, he got drown instead.

Not too long ago, a boy deemed it fit to end his life “maybe he thought he could make it through to a next one”, to have a sweet taste of an afterlife


Suicide: having a need to end pain, strife and whatever agony, by ending one’s life.

Not many suicide attempts are recorded, not many suicidal thoughts are disclosed. The world is a big scary place, some believe its selfish knowing everyone is trying to get through with their own problems and not have a tiny detail of what the Lagos Bridge flyer, or the student’s mind encompassed before the transition is sad.

This suicide note is going to be brief

We are too busy to pay attention… too stressed to help another… “Don’t bother me, we say”

It’s like a mother driving a murmuring child away, she has no time to listen to his complaints, or the father disposing himself of his troubled teen boy, thinking its way over him to handle. He tells his son “grow up”

How about the girl scorned for rape, the woman battered for barrenness or the child burden with some sort of guilt over a trivial issue. In schools, there are issues ranging from threats, failure and rejection, which is sand swept under rug.

Hey! … do not attempt to understand this

I’ve noticed that while the rate of perfectionism are on the increase on social media, the amount of self-destruct human time bombs are also on the increase, shoot down the defense… we have them around

The mechanism behind the drive is somewhat vague yet depression sits itself at the top of it all


Yes… at some point I considered death too but I guess not having the courage to have done it is a major blessing today. I FOUGHT REALLY HARD, I TOLD CLOSE FRIENDS AND MENTORS, I PRAYED AND GAVE UP LONE MOMENTS


Now… understand this

No one wants this tag around their neck, we are all thinking about self-worth and considering help is like seeking validation….

“Do not be a sadist” … it quotes

Try… finding someone, seeking help is not weakness, contact your pastor, priest or doctor.

Do not give out the power

You are not a shrink



The story is coming up