My journey into Blogging

I know the best way to start a thing… To Begin is to have a purpose, map out plans, make strategies, work, fail and keep trying. Or maybe the reason for strategies is so your actual plans don’t fail so pardon me.

I doubt me some times, these past times I’ve failed to recognize who I am… or I’m still trying to figure it out “don’t know”… I just know I want to write till the end of the world.

This isn’t just a passion, it is WHO I AM… it is who I can fall back to when every other thing fails “ we all know God doesn’t fail”.


Writing has become an addiction, I know I started writing from prim-school, had a dairy at seven and only got to showcase my talent in secondary school and some part of my university days… God has taken his time to make sure, at each stage of my life something comes up to bring me out from myself and at this time… it is Blogging.

Mify's blog

This is why I blog….

I hope the internet stays forever, its great… and has given me a gift…  you see, we who have cold feet when faced with a crowd “an audience” can actually reach out without feeling intense… don’t get me wrong, I am confident “sometimes”…. I try to move past that fear and every day I grow out of the shell.

Have had the options of blogging anonymously, to hide behind the mask… TO JUST BE without having to deal with the reactions and opinions of others…. Blogging anonymously is just fine; perfect actually “you don’t get to wake up one morning with someone’s finger on your face asking about what you wrote the previous day… “Mystery is intriguing” but you see… I made a pact, if I’m to be truly Bold, then I should be hanging beside a chosen blog name, not hiding away from it…

Blogging is about having fun, telling my story, playing with my keypads, educating, connecting and growing in the art… at a wider route, it is traveling the world of technology with hopes it gets me to the place I’m heading to faster.

Now I know this exposure is slow and with so many blogs out there, no one would in a million years stubble on mine… but I intend to soar… I intend to stand out… and for whatever reason I intend to make this worth the while cos I know someone somewhere  is waiting to read the thoughts in my head, to see a new perceptive and to view the world from a different angle.

There you have it.

I am so glad I got this off my chest.

Thanks for stopping by.