Dear future,

Write me letters of M and her Kids, tell me about the good times and the bad. The late night stories, smooches and romance with her Husband. Tell me about her career and faith, about how much better her life got, her confidence and prestige, her life and environment, her thoughts and love. Show me what it feels like to grow into someone different, to live a life that’s different and life in a new town.

Show me what it means to grow old in someone else life, to be able to finally create something out of love not duty, to understand fully the term selflessness, to enjoy the beauty of new happenings and innovations and to live once as a child when grand kids knock.

Write me letters about M and her future tell me about Time and dates… the meaning of sunrise and sunset, the beauty of Nature, old age and graves. Tell me about happy endings and sour ones, about fulfilled dreams and failed promises, about the hurts and its healing, about the joys and dance steps, about failed friendships and stronger relationships…

Write me letters about M and her In-laws: tell me about his siblings and their expectations, about their culture and the place of love, about Religion and true Christianity…


I am Marriet Ify and I’ll write to you at every point in time… just to keep in touch.