How Music Gets to me

“In Love with Someone New”

Do songs really change lives?

Why does it seem like the words from the radio, speaks for me and most times to me?

Why does it seem like there is a song for every situation?

Can you know a person by the songs in their playlist?

Or the Disk player lying around in their rooms


“Music is food for the soul”

My soul eats from it too, when I fell in love with books, I thought nothing can be as sweet as reading the romantic tales of James hardly chase until I met music in a different street. It took me to a new dimension, it introduced me to parts of me, I didn’t know exist and taught me how the world on its own looks like.

Over the years my taste evolved. From the catholic hymn in the choir I once belonged, to the taste of RNB, Hip-hop (when I got into its world), Reggae (when I met Asa and made her my music icon), the likes of Bez, cobhams Asuquo, Nosa, Leo Owan, Enya and then Gospel.

“On the Road with Gospel”

Life has not been the same since I met this one, he’s more of everything and less of what is presumed of him. It’s easy to get in touch with the feeling behind every song, it preaches and prays, it talks softly yet the worship could take you to realms beyond your reach. At first when I got introduced to him, it felt weird “I felt odd”, my paddies are not fans, how can I be a fan and then it offered a hand and I took the walk with him. I’ll attend music concert at the expense of any other fun loving activities, I’ll creep into fellowships singing and worshiped like a stranger in love. I had a big time crush on some songs, notably Sinach “you do Mighty things”, William Mcdowell “you’re God alone”, Casting Crown “Praise you in the storm”, David Omodunmiju “you are Igwe”, Paul Baloch, Kari jobe, Tim Godfrey….

Do you know how these ones present the world “perfect” amidst the trials and temptations, it showed me how to truly live and enjoy living life, it showed me love, made me understand the role God plays in each of our lives.

ifm church
He’s more of everything and less of what is presumed of him.

“Gospel changed me”

It did, now that doesn’t mean I didn’t walk around listening to other songs … I did and still do; the likes of Francesca Batestelli, Jamie Grace, Meghan Trainor, Bebe Rexha, Adele, Charlie puth, Taylor swift… I love them too, the experiences are not farfetched. Anytime it seem like the world is too big a place to handle, I turn to Music, I drown myself in it.

Just for a moment… just for a little time

I get into its world, surrounded by the rhythm, words and all of what makes my soul joyful.

“Music Saves”

If ever I’m torn

Or lose my way

If ever I’m in pain

Or exhausted

If ever I’m happy

Or Celebrating

If ever I lose my voice

Or my feet

If ever I lose a love one

If ever I’m diseased

If ever I’m in a place where the right song is tuned up

I’m saved… yes; I know IT IS God WHO SAVES

Ever wondered why he made some noise pleasant?

Ever been in a room where the worship flows? Hmn…

My soul cannot be starved

It desires the truth

It desires GOSPEL

Hey there, I’m in love with someone new and that person is” Music”

the odysse