“Sometimes the ones we share special moments with become strangers,we watch them slip away, we try to hold on with a firm grip yet in those moments our strength seem to be working against us. we mourn cos we failed, failed to recognize this new being, failed to accept what now is…”


I wish you know how i miss our glee filled times

I wish we didn’t drift apart

I wish your ears was apt to listen to my heart speak

I wish my heart spoke loud enough

The silence is killing

The echoes of your voice is resonating

This page was never closed

I’m rereading the lines of pretense

Decoding words with encrypted meanings “I should have”

I hate this part of the story

Why didn’t we try harder?

 To become better for each other

Why didn’t we fight the battles together?

 Instead we fought each other

This contest of strength has made me the bereaved

I can’t admit to failure

But I’ve failed in holding on to what we’ve shared

I’ve failed just as you

Failed to understand that communication was everything

The silence built walls so tall I couldn’t climb

How did we become okay with “not speaking with each other”

“I should have stopped”

Stopped the voice in my head

The one who thought you deserved better

How did I forget that better was me being your best buddy

Loving your flaws and seeing the future with it

Why did I let myself believe the tree of friendship will never bear fruit?

That watering will only kill it.

Ours is a tale of two cities

Lost to the cold hands of war

The war of pride, ignorance, deceit, judgments and assumptions

This war has killed something beautiful

And has left me to mourn

I mourn cos I think I’ve lost you forever

You saw the world just as I did,

We craved, loved and spoke freely

With you my spirit ran wild

I’ve lost a part of me too

Now I mourn the emptiness in my heart.