A feeling that is no Feeling at all


You know how you can wake up some days empty. Not confuse, not sad just empty, like you can’t place the feeling. You don’t think you’re actually feeling anything, it will be better if there was a void, then you’ll candidly go in search of the missing piece, it will be much better. If you had knowledge of what this state mean

If it’s just a phase

Or something permanent

I can guess what patients with Amnesia pass through,‘They know something is missing’,And sometimes they go into a trance in a verge to find that out

But not this

Not this feeling that is no feeling at all.

Life gets like this sometimes, you become a stranger to yourself and to others. yea, sometimes you don’t trust you.

Blank space

Empty heart

Blur Visions


Scrambled words

Reckless Thoughts

Times like this

A time like now is a Blank facing me.

There is just nothing you can do until you get back on the road, back to track, back to what pain, joy and madness feels like. Back to were it all began, Back to real life.